Foil Plus Systems

Letterpress Services has spent a number of years on the research and development of it's Foil Plus Systems. The product's conception was brought about by an ever increasing demand for a quality built, reliable and cost effective foiling system. manufactured in a robust fashion with top quality, highly regarded industry standard parts, anyone purchasing one of our systems can rest assured that back up and service will always be readily available.

Foil Plus Pro

This is our dedicated foiling machine and is built from the ground up in our works to our Gold Standard. The counter weights are removed from the cylinder and the webbing is removed from the print bed to allow for a maximum foil roll of 305m. The standard machine comes will a 2 zone removable heat plate with bunter post clips but the option of 4 zones and honeycomb plate are available. As standard on the Foil Plus Pro we replace all the original electrical equipment from the press with an inverter drive system. This gives greater control of speed and a much lower base speed for difficult foiling work.

Each machine is built to order enabling a choice of machine size and finished colour combinations etc. By fitting a steel cylinder jacket and removing the heat plate the machine can be run as a die-cutter.

Foil Plus Kit

This is our entry level system that has been designed to be retro fitted to the customer's machine on site. This is incredibly simple to fit and operate and enables basic foiling to be carried out on a die-cutter.

With minor alterations to the machine during installation the system's capabilities can be greatly increased i.e. the width and diameter of foil roll can be increased. With this versatile unit we can also offer a range of plate sizes and dual heat zones for greater temperature accuracy. the kit comes complete with an HSE approved guarding system.

Free Issue Projects

Due to the number of ageing foiling machines with software and electrical problems we have developed a method of refurbishing these machines, sometimes just to replace the software and electronics with modern equivalents and on other occasions we have completely rebuilt the machine from the ground up and resupplied back to the customer in a "as new" condition. All these systems come complete with wiring diagrams and software backups to give full control back to the customer. This is often a more cost effective solution than the purchase of a replacement machine.